Welcome to our FAQ page! Below, you'll find answers to some common queries about our online store, products, and why we strive to make contrast therapy available to all! 

Q: What is contrast therapy?

A: Contrast therapy involves alternating between hot and cold to stimulate circulation, reduce inflammation, and promote overall wellness. It typically consists of immersing oneself in hot water or sauna heat followed by a cold plunge or cold shower.

Q: Why should I consider contrast therapy?

A: Contrast therapy offers a range of potential benefits, including improved recovery after exercise, enhanced muscle relaxation, reduced muscle soreness, increased metabolism, boosted immune system function, improved mood, and increased energy levels.

Q: What products does salt plunge offer?

A: At salt plunge, we offer a variety of high-quality products for contrast therapy. Our product lineup includes cold plunges, saunas, and accessories. Everything you need to have a daily contrast experience!

Q: What are the benefits of using a cold plunge?

A: Cold plunges provide a refreshing and invigorating experience. They can help reduce inflammation, improve circulation, relieve muscle soreness, speed up recovery after physical activity, enhance mental clarity, boost the immune system, and promote overall well-being.

Q: What are the benefits of using a sauna?

A: Saunas offer numerous benefits, including relaxation, detoxification through sweating, improved cardiovascular health, stress reduction, relief from muscle tension, improved skin health, enhanced immune system function, and potential weight loss through increased calorie burn.

Q: Are the products easy to install?

A: Absolutely! We strive to make the installation process as straightforward as possible. Our products come with instructions, and our team is available to provide support and answer any questions you may have. We also offer installation, please reach out for prices.

Q: Do you offer warranties on your products?

A: Yes, we stand behind the quality of our products. We offer a 1-year manufacturer warranty on all of our cold plunges and saunas to ensure your satisfaction and provide peace of mind.