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salt plunge

The salt 4-Person Cedar Sauna

The salt 4-Person Cedar Sauna

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The salt 4-Person Sauna  is a beautiful and innovative way to experience the rejuvenating benefits of contrast therapy. This unique sauna is designed in the shape of a barrel for 2-4 people, crafted from premium quality Finnish Pine, ensuring durability and a stunning aesthetic appeal. Its compact size makes it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, fitting seamlessly into any space. The salt 4-Person Sauna  offers numerous benefits, including relaxation, stress reduction, detoxification, improved blood circulation, and relief from muscle tension. Its efficient electric heating system and well-insulated construction create a comfortable sauna environment that promotes overall well-being and indulgent relaxation.


  • 1800mm Diameter *1800mm Length
  • Waterproof Asphalt Shingles 
  • 6KW Heater
  • Laddle and Bucket
  • 2x Back Rest
  • Temperature Gauge
  • Sand Timer
  • *Email us for current lead times*
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